100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone.


The majority of marine life cannot differentiate their food from plastic garbage humans have dumped.


Plastic takes upwards of 500 years to decompose.

12-14,000 tons of plastic are ingested by North Pacific fish yearly.


 Coral reefs house 25% of all marine life in the ocean. When it comes in contact with marine plastic, the probability of coral dying goes from 4% to 89%.

Plastic is made from toxic materials, such as benzene and vinyl hydrochloride. These chemicals are known to cause cancer, and the manufacturing byproducts contaminate our air and soil.


What we're doing about it


  • We want to be part of the solution, not the problem. That's why we're ditching plastic and using only renewable and biodegradable packaging and shipping materials.
  • We started transitioning from plastic ➝ to glass with all new production of our full sized moisturizers in the summer of 2020, and continue to transition, packaging our products in 100% renewable and biodegradable materials.
  • Our Lotion Sample Kits are our last remaining product in plastic. Once we sell out of current stock of our Foaming Hand Soap and Foaming Face Wash, we will no longer sell those items in plastic and have already converted their existing formula to solid plastic free bars, available for purchase. We will change packaging for our sample kits for all future production, and will be 100% plastic free once complete.
  • We only use 100% renewable and biodegradable materials, such as glass and aluminum, as well as biodegradable cardboard packaging and dissolvable plant based packing peanuts.
  • We feel ditching plastic is not an option. It's our duty as fellow citizens on this planet.
  • Small steps taken together make a HUGE impact. Ditching every single piece of plastic you use on the daily is difficult, but minimizing in ANY way is incredibly impactful. It's easy to get overwhelmed, so start small!



*** Many of our products on Amazon are already in glass, aluminum, and cardboard packaging, but some scents have remaining stock in plastic. Once that stock is sold, our plastic free packaging will be available. Our website specifies all products that are already plastic free and are available for purchase (guaranteed on our website only) for the time being.



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